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Use Restart ! The evaluation, analysis, features, and usage of Mew ex in Pokémon TCG

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Use Restart ! The evaluation, analysis, features, and usage of Mew ex in Pokémon TCG

Hello to all you Pokémon card fans all over the world ! I am ZARUTOP Yamaguchi (@oyakodepokeca), the director of the Pokémon Card Lab, and I am here with children !

In this article, we have written about the evaluation, analysis, features, and usage of Mew ex!

Mew ex's evaluation

Mew ex (the card above) is an incredibly user-friendly Pokémon in the Pokémon Card Game!

The reason is its ability, Restart!

Mew ex's analysis

Restart allows you to shuffle your deck and draw up to three new cards when your hand has three or fewer cards!

This makes it possible to play without stress even when you have a small hand!

Furthermore, it enables you to keep attacking your opponent while replenishing your hand, making it easier to exploit your opponent's vulnerabilities!

Mew ex's features

Additionally, Mew ex's attack, Genome Hack, has an incredibly powerful effect!

It allows you to use the attack of your opponent's active Pokémon for three colorless energy!

This enables you to disrupt your opponent's strategy and expand your own chances of winning!

Moreover, Genome Hack has the added effect of preventing your opponent's active Pokémon from retreating!

This prevents the opponent's Pokémon from escaping, allowing you to continue your attacks!

Mew ex can use Pokémon for various decks!

However, there are points to be cautious about!

Mew ex has relatively low HP, so it might be quickly knocked out if it can't withstand your opponent's attacks!

Also, Restart requires a cost to recover your hand, which can sometimes lead to an energy shortage!

Mew ex's usage

Considering these points, Mew ex's ability Restart and its powerful attack Genome Hack make it a versatile Pokémon that can be used in various decks while replenishing your hand and attacking your opponent!

However, due to its relatively low HP , it's essential to use Mew ex strategically!


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